Main courses

Fillet steak Lean, succulent, melt in the mouth texture* €32,00
Irish rib eye steak Rich, tender, juicy and full-flavoured with generous marbling throughout* €29,50
Mixed Grill Steak, chicken, pork chop, lamb chop and sausage served with chips, salad, tartare and garlic butter €24,00
Chicken Fajitas Tender strips of marinated chicken with onions, peppers and exotic spices, served with tortillas and a variety of delicacies €23,00
Vegan fajitas Specially adapted for our vegan friends with “no chicken chunks” €23,00
Salmon Grilled salmon served with chips, salad and garlic butter €23,00
King prawns R&B 12 king prawns in a wine based creamy tomato sauce, served with chips €23,00
Goat cheese salad Honey glazed goats cheese with mixed lettuces, apple, wallnuts, crispy bacon and a balsamic dressing €20,00


Chips € 3,50
Potato wedges € 3,50
Onion rings € 6,00

For the kids (until 12 years)

Ribs with chips € 11,50
Fish fingers with chips € 10,00

*The steaks are served with chips, salad and a sauce of your choice:

  • pepper sauce
  • béarnaise sauce
  • garlic butter